Review Policy

Attention Authors/Publishing Houses: Please read before contacting me to read and review books. 

I will pretty much read any books from anyone. I will only read Middle Grade and YA Books. I am able to read from independent authors, as well as Publishing Houses. I prefer physical copies, but I am able to read e-books (as long as they are in PDF or EPUP format). I will try my best to read and post the review the week that the book comes out. In the case that the book is already out publicly, I will try to read and review the books ASAP. Please keep in mind, I am a full time student. I will not be able to read the book in a matter of hours, but maybe/possibly days. I am available to read and review ANY genre. I prefer; Contemporary, Dystopian, Mystery, Suicidal and Sci-fi books.

If your book follows the Review Policy, please use the contact form (found when clicking the “Contact Me” page) so that I can respond to your email ASAP.

Thank you for considering me to review a book, it means a lot!

Questions? Contact:, with the subject “Question(s): Review Policy 2015”.

Thank you, I look forward to reading and reviewing your book.


What are your thoughts?

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